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Year   Production Name Production Company Role
2021   Razor Boys The Dashing Rocks Sam
2020   The Surprise Party Armstrong Creative Doug Morris
2019   The Pink Hammer Hammer Collective Woody
    PSA: Indignity War No Fefe Various
    This Long Winter A Mulled Whine Leontes
2018   The Lazarus Lottery   Damien
    The Nose The Dashing Rocks K
    [email protected] Nextstage Paris
2017   Desperate Huttwives Nextstage Shane
    PSA: Election Day No Fefe Bill English
    The Hooligan and the Lady Porthole Productions Joseph Gardiner
2016   Billy and the Curse of Falling Limbs Icicle Productions Fatman/Miner
    Central Armstrong Creative Brian
    Hold Me Prospect Park Eric
    PSA: Civil War No Fefe Grant Robertson/Bill English
    A Play About Space/Place My Accomplice Various
2015   A Christmas Karel Čapek The Bacchanals Robot David
    Unholy Ghosts CentrePoint Theatre Son
    Lysistrata The Bacchanals Kinesias
    Spyfinger! My Accomplice Various
    Central Armstrong Creative Brian
    King Richard III The Bacchanals Clarence/Hastings
2014   Isaac's Eye Circa Theatre Actor/Dying Man
    OWBAT: South Island Tour! The Bacchanals Gervin McMillan
    A View From The Bridge Circa Theatre Marco
    A Show About Superheroes My Accomplice Various
    Once We Built a Tower The Bacchanals Gervin McMillan
    A Play About Fear My Accomplice Various
    All's Well that Ends Well The Bacchanals The Gentleman
2013   Broken River Trick of the Light Blair
    Salon (Nelson Arts Festival) Site Specific Theatre Company Hugh
    No Naughty Bits Circa Theatre Clarence Fried
    Gunplay The Bacchanals Jeff Fuller
    A Play About Space: Rerun My Accomplice Various
    My Kitchen Kills Rubricks Productions Stef
    Public Service Announcements 7 Hair of the Dog Bill English
    The Clouds The Bacchanals Zeus
    A Play About Space My Accomplice Various
    Coriolanus The Bacchanals Coriolanus
2012   Public Service Announcements 6 Hair of the Dog Bill English
    Holding On HKPC Steven
    Quiver FOMO Paul
    Public Service Announcements 5 Hair of the Dog Bill English
    Other Peoples' Wars The Bacchanals Hippie Playwright
    You be the Angel I be the Ghost Bovine University Paul
2011   Julius Caesar The Bacchanals Brutus
    Public Service Announcements 4 Hair of the Dog Bill English/Len Brown
    The Engine Room Trick of the Light Various
    Slouching Toward Bethlehem The Bacchanals George Gair
    Public Service Announcements 2 Hair of the Dog Bill English/Trevor Mallard
    McKenzie Country Page Left Hayden
    Public Service Announcements No Fefe Collective Miss/Bill English
    Fuddy Meers Words on Trees Richard Fiffle
    The Hooligan and the Lady Porthole Productions Quintus Penumbra
    No Taste Forever The Bacchanals Malcolm Sweet
2010   Dog Sees God Words on Trees Matt
2009   Henry VI Part 1 The Bacchanals Duke of York
    Don Juan in Soho Fortune Theatre Colm
    Henry V Summer Shakespeare Henry V
2008   Burnt Coffee Yellow Digger Productions Jason
    Rubber Turkey Playground Collective Guy Walker
    Hail to the Thief Pleasant Whining King David
    Shipwrecked Beneath the Stars Tenacity Carl
    A Renaissance Man The Bacchanals Henry Donne
2007   Revenge of the Amazons Upskill Productions Oberon
    The Story of Nohome Neville and... Yellow Digger Productions Nohome Neville
    Deliver Us Bovine University Dominic
    Kissing Bone Bovine University Mr Marrow
    King Lear Bacchanals/Fortune Edmund
2006   Hamlet The Bacchanals Rosencrantz/Laertes
    Golden Boys Bovine University Crispin
    Arctic/Antarctic Yellow Digger Productions Gumball Gary
2005   A Midsummer Nights Dream The Bacchanals Bottom
    Hate Crimes Bovine University Felix
    I.D. The Bacchanals Lintwurm
2004   Romeo and Juliet The Bacchanals Romeo
2003   Twelfth Night The Bacchanals Orsino/Fabian
    The Bacchae The Bacchanals Pentheus
2002   Hamlet The Bacchanals Laertes
2001   The Ugly Duckling Kidstuff Various
    Goldilocks Kidstuff Various
    The Jew of Malta The Bacchanals Pilia Borza
    Volpone The Bacchanals Androgyno
    Titus Andronicus The Bacchanals Saturnine
2000   The Misandrist Shebang Gollan
    Othello The Bacchanals Cassio
Year   Production Name Production Company Role
2018   Return to Fable Grove Fable Grove Pictures Eli
    Powershop Awareness Campaign EightyOne IT Guy
2017   Murder Is Forever M Forever Ltd Dr Parker
2016   The Green Vessel Etienne De France Everett
2014   Interference Cinema in Decline Chad
    Sinking Ship   Charles
2013   Pour moi Cinema in Decline Claude Money
    Woodville Clayweaver Productions Jay-Hawk
2012   Have You Met My Sister Cinema In Decline The Brother
    Copper JOF Alan
2011   In Full Bloom Tonatiuh Films Evan
    Tea Jerker Cinema in Decline Man
    Hypnagogia Fonetik Films Man
2010   Heaven and Hell BWF Adrian
    Murder Written SMF Murderer
2009   Line of Fire Gibson Group Assailant
    Waterfeeders SMF Man
2006   An Awkward Situation JW Sam
    The Catch MH The Fish
2004   And Jack TB Rhys
2002   Event 16 Nine Eyes Young Cop
2001   The Tribe Cloud 9 Militia #1
    Atlantis High Cloud 9 Cafe Owner
    A $3 Day Midget films Jeremy
1999   Shari and Joes Big Night Out Rape Crisis NZ Den
    Voice Work  
Year   Production Name Production Company Role
2018   Reserve Bank ANZAC Coin GSL Promotus  
2014   Teetering Towards Te Aro Radio New Zealand  
    Down The List Radio New Zealand  
2013   Meltdown Radio New Zealand  
    Down The List Radio New Zealand  
    Your Dogs Been Spayed VBC  
    Mermaid Radio New Zealand  
    Resistance Radio New Zealand  
    Exit Stage Left Radio New Zealand  
2012   Your Dogs Been Spayed VBC  
    Forbidden Birds Embarrassed Bees Radio New Zealand  
Year   Ceremony Award Show/Role
2005   Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards Best Supporting Actor I.D./Lintwurm

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